About Investor Relations

Since 2006, we have invested over €550 million in European businesses. Following our first fund of €110 million in 2014, we closed our second private equity fund of €350 million in 2016 from a diverse group of global institutional investors. In Fund II, 62% of commitments come from the USA, 30% from Europe and 8% ROW. By investor type, 44% of commitments are attributable to Pension Funds, 35% Endowments and Foundations, 13% Fund of Funds, 8% Family Offices and 2% HNW.

Our aim is to build a first class investor relations programme. We recognise the importance of delivering a professional and bespoke service and will at all times strive to work closely with our investors and potential investors to deliver information in a professional, timely and transparent manner.


Henry Jackson, Josh Spoerri and Caroline Crowley are responsible for Investor Relations.